Alpaca Training

Alpaca Training

Alpaca Training

Providing exceptional care and training for our alpacas

At Sandhill Alpacas, we are passionate about providing exceptional care and training for our alpacas. Our comprehensive alpaca training program is designed to ensure the well-being and happiness of these gentle creatures while equipping them with the skills they need to thrive on our farm and beyond. Whether you're a seasoned alpaca enthusiast or new to the world of camelids, our training services cater to all levels of experience.


BAS Affiliate Courses

The British Alpaca Society is keen to promote education and training for its members and the general public in all aspects of alpaca ownership and management. The society offers training by Affiliate Trainers.

BAS Affiliate modules that cover items such as alpaca handling and welfare.

Detailed below:

BAS Affiliate Trainers

Courses offered by BAS Affiliate Trainers are from the set of 9 approved by the Society:

Module 1: Feeding and basic management

Module 2: Vaccination, Supplements, Illness and Ailments

Module 3: Handling Alpacas

                  3a) Herding and Catching

                  3b) Fitting a head collar

                  3c) Basic Halter Training

Module 4: The Alpaca - What to look for

Module 5: Understanding shearing day

Module 6: Fleece - what to do with it

Module 7: Breeding and mating

Module 8: Birthing

Module 9: Marketing your alpaca business

Bespoke Courses

Paul & Maggie can put together bespoke packages for you which can be at Sandhills Alpacas Farm or on your own premises. (Price on application)

These BAS courses can be done in any order and can be completed as a standalone day.

The cost is £95 per day and lunch/refreshments will be provided and a certificate will be provided on completion of each course.

Upcoming Courses

Contact us to arrange a date.

Get Started Today! Get Started Today!

Get Started Today!

Whether you're looking to start your alpaca training journey or refine your skills, Sandhills Alpacas are here to help. Contact us today to learn more about our training services and schedule your first session.

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